Food for Rainbow Fin Sharks

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To ensure a healthy and long life, you must care for your rainbow fin sharks properly. Part of their care is feeding them appropriate food. Fortunately, rainbow fin sharks tend not to be picky eaters. They are considered herbivores, but they will eat a variety of foods. Because they are not picky eaters, you have more options in buying their food than you would have buying food for other fish.

Rainbow Sharks

    The rainbow fin shark, also called the rainbow shark or red-fin shark, is a freshwater cyprinid. The shark originates in Thailand. They are highly territorial and should not be placed in the same tank with another fish. They are particularly aggressive with other rainbow or red tail sharks existing in the same tank. Make sure that the tank you have the shark in has a tightly fitting hood, as they are capable of jumping out of tanks.

Flake and Pellet Foods

    As an herbivore, you can feed your rainbow fin shark a variety of flake and pellet foods sold in your local pet store. The Hollywood Fish Farm website, in a description of rainbow fin sharks, recommends sinking protein pellets. Pellet food is also an acceptable food option for rainbow fin sharks.

Other Food Options

    You should mix the pellet and flake diet that you feed your rainbow fin shark with other options. For example, they enjoy live or frozen brine shrimp. Rainbow fin sharks also enjoy algae wafers. In addition, they will eat lettuce, spinach, tubiflex worms and crustaceans.

Purchasing Food

    You have three main options to buy food for your pet. Because your shark can eat tiny chopped pieces of green leafy vegetables, you can purchase the lettuce, spinach or other vegetables from your local grocery store. Your local pet store may offer commercial flakes and pellets for your shark. They may also have algae wafers and other food options not available online. You can also order food from an online fish food retailer, such as Shark Supply, Aquarium Guys, or That Pet Place.

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