How to Reline an Open Face Fishing Pole

Open face fishing poles use spinning reels. The reel is located below the pole section directly under the reel seat. These poles are designated for intermediate level anglers. Open face spinning reels have bales over the spool which must be lifted up before you can cast your line. You may decide to reline your open face pole if you want to try a new weight of line for coastal fishing after fishing in freshwater. The reel should already be mounted on the rod before you reline the rod in any scenario.

    Lift the bale up and thread the line up through the roller. Pull approximately 7 feet of line off of the reel.

    Thread the line through the first eyelet guide on the bottom of the pole and continue threading the line straight up through the eyelet guides, working your way to the top of the pole.

    Close the bale and hold the end of the line between your right thumb and index finger after you have threaded all of the eyelet guides on the pole.

    Wrap the rest of your fingers on your right hand around the reel seat to support the pole.

    Wind the handle around with your left hand to reel in the slack line.

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